Desktop PCs

Our desktop PCs, hardware, software and accessories give students the complete freedom of educational expression. With amazing software and apps and advanced built-in technologies, desktop PCs can be anything students want them to be and have the power allow them to create anything they can dream up.

Teaching tools
Simplify the day-to-day tasks of teaching with software and apps designed to make the classroom more flexible, collaborative and give a personalised for each student.

Integrate and customize easily
The desktop computers, software and educational apps we supply are easy to set up and use. Our expert training division help with every step of the machine setup machine and software setup and along with a suite of apps designed for teaching and learning, you can build a personalised learning experience for each student.

Desktop PCs for Sale & Hire
We stock a huge range of desktop PCs and accessories for sale or hire for educational purposes. From brand new to used and premium refurbished Dell and HP desktop computers, we can supply and fulfil orders for any amount of machines.

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Empowering Teachers and Motivating Students through Desktop Technology

At iPads4Schools, we have the stock, skills and all the resources you’ll need to successfully integrate a range of desktop PC technology into your classroom environment including PCs, monitors, keyboards and mice, printers and accessories, school delivery and school setup.
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